It was good to have the D family with us, adding to a total of thirty-six. The O’Rs and Bs turned up first on Sunday and ran, in time-honoured fashion, the old track between Capel and the hut. J O'’R ran from the hut to Pen-y-Pass, via Glyder Fach summit, and thence round the Snowdon Horseshoe, the whole in a little under four and a half hours. The B2s, who do not run by choice, arrived later, having stopped off at Suspect Wall in the Clwyd Limestone Trevor area, to climb seven routes (a two-route day is an anathema to M) including ‘Forever the Suspect’ and ‘Haven'’t got a Clue’. Others had simply arrived and soaked up the Nant Ffrancon ambiance by slipping into Llyn Ogwen.

The following day saw local climbing on Tryfan and Glyder Fach, a party of thirteen on the Idwal slabs, and a party of eleven attempting to climb out of the far end of the Devil’'s Kitchen (a largely successful, if chilly, experience).

The hut midges were present in their thousands and perhaps knew the week was to be wet. Twenty-one went cycling on Tuesday, routes ranging from serious circuits to a climb from Bangor to the hut. Fifteen avoided the rain at the Beacon climbing wall. L and A, the youngest, found they could get up a ten metre, grade 3c route in twenty seconds. The older youngsters took up the challenge, climbing it faster still, with D B3 powering up in just under six seconds.

There was more good cycling on the Wednesday, though a halt was necessary to repair R B2 who had attacked the road in a sequence of movements which might almost have been choreographed, were it not for the grit box. A large party of surprisingly tolerant youngsters walked around Holyhead mountain in high winds and intermittent rain, pausing to admire Dream of White Horses, and listen patiently to parents’ tales of Wen Zawn ascents (four of the older ones slunk off to the Llandudno Cineplex).

And so the week continued with more rock climbing, ridge walking, cycling, and the customary mountain lake swimming (Lynn Cwellyn - 30 metres deep – also Lynn Dinas, where a few of the youngsters ‘abseiled’ downstream to experience the power of the fast flowing exit weir stopper). It was good to be joined by L S for a couple of nights. He changed the door code, mended various items, and seemed un-phased by the mixed throng. Good also to see D R and his daughter S, who popped in briefly on their way to the Pass to add to the Classic Rock route total (think they climbed Wrinkle and Crackstone Rib). All would not have been complete without a barbeque or two. Roll on next July.


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