The MAM has a considerable archive of material covering not only its own history, but also that of some of its more industrious members. The majority of the material is now held in the Archives Collection at the University of Birmingham. The list of this archive is below.


MAM ARCHIVE (as at  1/11/2006)



MAM minutes     1922-1966

Microfiche           Reel 1 General Index AGM Minutes 1922-75
                             Reel 2 Index Minutes 1926-1974

Membership Applications
           1922-28          1928-46          1946-51
           1952-56          1956-59            1960-62          1962-64
           1964-66          1966-68            1968-71          1972-73

Address Changes  1972-86

MAM Handbooks   24-51 (1945-74) (no 29 missing)

MAM Journals     1977-78           1981-82           1983-84           1985-86
                 1987-88           1990-91           1993-94

MAM Documents from Philip Smith  Notices of Committee Meetings, Lectures, Outdoor Meets,
Dinners etc. 1928-1933

Stoats Logs  (University of Birmingham Mountaineering Club)

1933-47           1947-58           1959-64           1964-69        
1969-77           1977-81           1981-88           1988-93

Stoats Journals      1978-88             1988-89

Various  Dinner programmes and photos

MAM Circulars Misc 1928-1934


Low House , The Edlington Collection
  Pre MAM
  MAM era
  Structural Evidence
 Slides, 1960s and 1970s
 Journals and Circulars

Translucencies of Structural detail and probable Development of Low House Dick Edlington),
1670-1982, tracings. Historical development of Low House.

Low House Services Correspondence 1982-90

Low House Inventory etc 1987

Low House Fire Extinguisher Service & Guarantees

Low House Kitchen Documents c1986

Finance Sub-Committee Meetings 1971-82

Committee Meetings Minutes 1966-83


Deeds, copy

Documents relating to Glan Dena eg Planning Electricity etc 1956-1973

Documents relating to Glan Dena eg naming Hut, legal Documents etc

Glan Dena Documents 1935-95

Glan Dena Sub Committee 1981-86 (Old Hut), including plans and view of old Hut.

Glan Dena Replacement, 2 box folders, the Scarborough Collection


Diaries of Hester Norris

Hester Norris Diaries - MAM Archive, University of Birmingham
   1934   Alpine Holiday. Easter at Wasdale. North Climb pillar Rock.
   1936   Alpine Holiday. Zermatt. Lenk. Wasdale. Pillar.
   1937   Alpine Holiday. Switzerland. Easter at Wasdale.
   1938   Alpine Holiday. Grindelwald. Winter sports at Lenk. April North Wales.
   1939   Alpine Holiday  (War started)
   1946   VE Holiday. Wengen etc.
   1946   VJ Holiday . France.
   1947   Dauphine.
   1948   Oberland Tour. Supplement, misc photographs.
   1949   Norsk Enterprise.
   1950   Dolomites.
   1954   Part 1  Belinda (the car!) goes  Abroad Again - Swiss Alps.
              Part 2  Putting the Clock Back 20 years - Zermatt.
   1955   Belinda’s Great Adventure. France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.
   1955   Part 1. Belinda’s last Trip Abroad.
               Skye 1958, Lenk 1959, Zermatt 1960, Shetland 1961.
   1956   Nature’s Decision.

Lantern Slides   Box 1&2    Arolla etc     Box 3   Zermatt   Box 4   Alps MAM
                             Box 5   Alps/MAM     Box 6   Argentiere

Lantern Slides (The Bretell Collection)   Box 100 unsorted
                                Small box mixed north wales and the Alps.
                                3 boxes of approx 40 Alpine slides, including Arolla

Misc. Mountaineering Journals.

Leather folder containing large and magnificent B/W pictures of Fionnay MAM Meet, 1936, notes on Skye by Cyril Machin, misc. phots, papers and verses by Robert  Hackett.

2 boxes of slides of Arran Meet 1978

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