Over the weekend Wales was as wet as only Wales can be. Dire indeed! So my prediction of good weather was wrong as usual. However, the prediction of a good time for all did seem to be borne out. We certainly enjoyed it!!!! One year we will get the fantastic weather as well and we'll all spend so much time out on the hill there will be no time for the party........

Despite the moistness, everybody was out for a few hours on Saturday, even those afflicted with dodgy knees. Heather Terrace, Idwal, circuits of this and that (and one couple claimed they didn't even get wet, almost as difficult to believe as S being 60). Everybody was back before dark to prepare for and relish the food, festivity and slides in the lounge of many places including Iceland, the Bolivian Andes and Antarctica where male seals often object to upright humans on the way to the outside loo; apparently they can move much faster when aroused than a desperate human!

Sunday was just as wet as the day before so GD was abandoned early in favour of finding better weather to the East for a bit of exercise. Any bets on GD sunshine next year? 100-1?

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