This was the first edition of the Journal to be published after the war. Click on the article you wish to read

Editorial PDF 0.3 MB

1922 - 1947 by J.E. Grosvenor PDF 0.2 MB

North Wall of Langkofel by J.H. Sheldon PDF 1.2 MB

Castor by J.B. Alexander  PDF 1.2 MB

"Glan Dena" by F.H. Restall  PDF 1.0 MB

In Memoriam   PDF 0.1 MB

Climbing in Scotland by J.H.B. Bell

London to Zermatt 1946 by Clive Bramfitt PDF 0.7

Central Bypass by Eric Byne    PDF 0.2

Geology and the Mountaineer by A.C. Waine   PDF 0.9

The Ascent of F sharp by C.L. Inker   PDF 0.7

Outdoor Meets 1939 - 46  PDF 1.0

Lecture Reports   PDF 0.6

Advertisements  PDF 1.3

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