This edition is noteworthy for an account of the third British ascent of the North Face of the Eiger. Click on the article you wish to read.

Editorial PDF 0.4 MB

Eigernordwand 1969 by Ray Colledge PDF 1.5 MB

Cook's Tour to Everest by David Foster PDF 0.9 MB

Miscellaneous Climbs, Failures and Plummets in Borrowdale by Ron Harrison PDF 0.5 MB

Wild Weather in Iceland by Muriel Wild PDF 0.9 MB

Monday by Ingrid High PDF 0.2 MB

Zermatt Saga by Dave Hughes PDF 0.6 MB

Just Another Weekend by John Harwood PDF 1.2 MB

MAM Alpine meet 1969 Bernina and Bregalia by Ted Lloyd PDF 0.8 MB

Obituaries PDF 0.4 MB

Climbs and Notes PDF 0.7 MB

New Routes PDF 0.5 MB

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