The MAM has a  programme of official meets held throughout the year. The calendar below gives an idea of a typical year's activities. in addition groups of members often go to the mountains across the world on less formal trips. The menu at the side gives access to a number of reports which illustrate some of the range of activities at the MAM.

PARTICIPATION STATEMENT :- The MAM recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

NOTE :- The meet coordinator's responsibilities are confined solely to administrative aspects of a Meet. The use of the term "meet coordinator" or any related term by the MAM carries no implication that the MAM considers that the leader is a person who, by training or experience, is necessarily qualified to be a leader in the mountains.

Typical Meets Calendar

New Year Glan Dena New Year Family meet
New Year Low House New Year's eve fun
mid-January Low House  
mid-January Glan Dena Bring it on meet 
late January Low House Anniversry Dinner
late January Glan Dena Hut sub-committe meet
early February Low House Hut sub-committe meet
mid-February   UBMC Founders' Commemoration
mid-February Glan Dena Half term Family meet
late February Glan Dena Committee Meeting
late February Low House  
late February Glan Dena Hut Maintenance meet
early March Low House UBMC joint meet
mid-March Low House St. Patrick's Day meet
late March Buxton AGM and Annual Dinner meet
late March Low House Hut Maintenance meet
late March Glan Dena  
early April Glan Dena Easter Family meet
late April Low House  
early May Glan Dena Bank Holiday Family meet
early May Low House Committee meeting
mid-May Glan Dena Big Mountain Route meet
late May Glan Dena Spring Bank Holiday meet
late May   Gower meet
late May   North Lakes meet
late May   Cornwall meet
early June Low House Spring mid-week meet
early June Glan Dena Hut sub-committee
mid-June Low House  
mid-June Low House Family Meet
mid-June Glan Dena Welsh 3000' peaks
mid-June   North Yorkshire Grit meet
late June Glan Dena Young Members' Meet
late June   President's Invitaiton meet
early July Glan Dena Committee meeting
mid-July Low House Joint Meet with Kindred Club
mid-July Glan Dena Fell running weekend
mid-July Low House Family Mountain Biking
mid-July/mid August Alps Alpine Meet
late July Glan Dena Family Meet
late July/ early August Glan Dena Family Meet
mid August Low House Mid-week Meet
mid August Low House Mountain Lake Swim meet
mid Aug Derbyshire Scared Gritless
mid Aug Low House Family Mountain Bike Meet
early September Glan Dena Mountain Skills Meet
early September Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Meet
mid-September Low House Mid-week Meet
mid-September Low House Mountain Biking meet
late September Glan Dena Anniversary Meet
late September Low House Alpine Meet reunion
early October Low House  
mid October Low House Hut Sub-committee
mid October Glan Dena Hut sub-committee
late October Low House UBMC joint meet
late October Glan Dena Hut Maintenance meet
early November Glan Dena UBMC joint meet
mid November Glan Dena Prospective members' meet
mid November Low House Hut maintenance meet
mid November Glan Dena Party meet
late November Glan Dena Committee meeting
mid December Low House Mega Meal meet
mid December Low House Pre-Christmas Family Meet
New Year Low House New Year festivities
New Year Glan Dena New Year Family Meet
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