Star Cottage


General information

Star Cottage is at the southern end of the Peak District in the village of Two Dales just north of Matlock. It was originally a pair of cottages built around 1800. The MAM purchased it in 2016 with generous bequests from the estates of Cliff May and Eileen Munns.


Star Cottage has 3 bedrooms (two 6 bed and one 4 bed) with two-tier bunks and can accommodate up to 16 people. Star Cottage has a communal kitchen/diner and a lounge. Toilets and showers are provided. There is a drying room, bike shed and parking for seven  cars.


Booking should be made either through the hut booking system, the relevant meet coordinator, or through the Hut Booking Secretary (see Book a Hut or Contact Us ).

Payment of Fees

Fees should be sent promptly to the Assistant Treasurer, Star Cottage; address here.

A hut fees payment form can be downloaded here (PDF 55 kB)

If you pay by bank transfer you should use the online hut fees payment form which is here

Hut Rules

Please ensure that you are familiar with the hut rules

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