General Information

Low House is 200 yards from centre of Coniston, close to the Old Man of Coniston and Coniston Water. Low House dates from around the 16th - 17th Century. There is  an adjoining cottage which has recently been refurbished to provide independent accommodation.


Low House has two tier bunks for 25 people, spread over 5 rooms. Low House has a large communal kitchen, a cosy lounge, toilets and showers. There is parking for about 8 cars and some space for small tents..


Members may make bookings through the relevant meet co-ordinator, the members' pages of the website or through the Hut Booking Secretary. Members of kindred clubs should contact the Hut Booking Secretary. The MAM accepts a limited number of bookings from members for outside mountaineering clubs, these have to be approved by the committee. Applications should be made well in advance to the Hut Booking Secretary.

Payment of Fees

Fees should be sent promptly to the Assistant Treasurer, Low House; address here.

A hut fees payment form can be downloaded here (PDF 55 kB)

Hut Rules

Please ensure that you are familiar with the Low House Rules before using the hut.


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