New Members may pay their entrance fee and first subscription by bank transfer.

The entrance fee is £20 and must be paid by all new members except members of the UBMC who are full time students or have been full  time students in the last year.

The entrance fee plus first subscription payments for 2020 are:

Junior (12 - <18 years) £16 Youth (18 - <23 years) £46

UBMC (18 - <23 years) £26

Adult (23 - <70 years) £76 Joint adult £132

Senior (70 years and over) £66 Joint Senior £112

Please remit your subscription by bank transfer to:

TSB Great Hampton Street branch

Sort code: 30-93-66

Account number: 07022074

Account name: Midland Association of Mountaineers

and complete the online form to be found here on the website.You are asked to include the date of payment in the reference for the transfer.

If you are unsure as to how much you should be paying, or are unable to pay, please refer to Toby Forrester.

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