Postal address: Low House, Coniston, Cumbria

Location: Low House is 200 yards from centre of Coniston.

Accommodation: Two tier bunks are provided for 25 people, (6 of these in an annexe).

Hon. Hut Warden: [Refer to handbook for details or use the Contact the MAM link]

Hon. Assistant Hut Warden: [Refer to handbook for details]

Hut Sub-Committee: [Refer to handbook for details]

The Warden is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the hut.

1. Applications to stay at Low House must be made with either the relevant meet coordinator or in all other cases with the Hut Booking Secretary preferably 5 clear days before the intended date of arrival. [Refer to handbook for access details]

2. Members and guests must bring their own sleeping bag and their own pillow cases. The mattresses have a protective sheet and the pillows a protective cover - please do not remove these.

3. Members and guests must sign the Hut Register on arrival and pay Hut Fees to the Assistant Treasurer using the forms provided. The current fees are shown on the Hut Fees page.

4. Generally the No 1 bunk room (six bunks) is reserved for women. Any variation should only be to ensure the best use of accommodation. On official meets members must adhere to the Meet Coordinator's decision.

5. A member may bring guests, but: (a) He or she may not bring more than three guests on one occasion. (b) An individual guest may not stay at the hut on more than three occasions in any calendar year. (c) Junior Members and Affiliated Members shall not be entitled to bring guests to Low House, but a Junior Member shall not count as the guest of ordinary Members. (d) Children under 14 are only allowed to visit Low House for official family meets or if they are accompanied by a member or a member's personal guest. Members wishing to take children to Low House must contact and advise the Hon. Hut Booking Secretary in all cases apart from when attending an official family meet. This must be carried out at least 7 clear days before the intended visit so that they can be sent a copy of the Association's policy regarding children in huts.

6. Any damage to the Hut must be reported at once to the Warden; temporary repairs should be effected as far as possible.

7. Close attention must be paid to the additional instructions posted in the Hut, with special reference to windows, keys, fires, refuse, electrical apparatus, frost and fire precautions and the fire alarm system. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT MEMBERS ENSURE THE MAIN ELECTRICITY SWITCH IS TURNED OFF WHEN VACATING THE HUT - SEE INSTRUCTIONS

8. It is the responsibility of members and visitors using the Hut to see that it is always left clean and tidy. Members are asked to be economical with all fuel supplies. All food must be stored on the shelves in the kitchen. Meals can be obtained at various hotels in the village. Provisions can be purchased from several stores in the village and the garage.

9. Hut users must not bring animals, including pets, into the huts. Smoking in the huts is strictly prohibited.

10. Members and others using the Hut are asked to report their intended route in the Destination Book before they set out and on return to enter details of their activities in the Hut Log.

11. Hut users should not normally play radios etc in the hut, and should seek agreement from all those staying in the hut if they wish to do so.

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